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Why Your Baby Should Be Seeing the Dentist

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Why Your Baby Should Be Seeing the Dentist   There is a lot of confusion out there about exactly when you should first take your child to the dentist. Is it when they start teething? When they have enough teeth to have something to examine? When they leave for college? Nobody ever seems quite sure. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, every child should be in to see a dentist by the time they are a year old, or within six months of cutting their first tooth, whatever happens, sooner. Despite this advice, the vast majority of parents wait until their child is two years old or even older before setting up their first appointment. While that won’t be a problem in every case, the health of your child’s baby teeth is far more important than many people think. Here are some of the reasons an earlier visit is important

They Are Learning to Chew

Obviously, these early years are formative in basically every way. Chewing and simply learning how to use the mouth, tongue, and teeth properly is no different. Having healthy, effective baby teeth will help ensure children learn proper techniques rather than compensating for tooth issues.

Speech Development

The teeth are far more involved in the speech process than we tend to give them credit for. If your child has normal, even baby teeth it will make it easier for them to learn proper speech patterns.


It’s not like a couple of crooked teeth on your two-year-old will scar them for life, but any physical abnormality can lead to insecurities. There is no reason to give your young child a reason to doubt their appearance when it can easily be avoided.

Preparation for Permanent Teeth

Properly spaced baby teeth are essential for allowing the permanent teeth to come in correctly. Regular checkups will make sure everything is in order for your child’s permanent teeth when they arrive. Don’t wait too long to bring your child in for their first visit. The experienced professionals at Yardley Dental Arts can help keep their teeth in good shape and make sure they remain on track to have great teeth as an adult.

Why Your Baby Should Be Seeing the Dentist

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