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Dental Crowns

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A crown is a covering that encases a tooth, thereby restoring its original shape and size. One use is to protect and strengthen the structure of a tooth when it can’t be restored with a filling or other dental procedure. It is also used when a bridge is installed to keep it secure in the gap. There are a variety of crowns, with porcelain being the most popular material. Our dental crowns dentist in Yardley can help patients achieve their best smile through the use of crowns. The reason for its popularity is its translucent color that perfectly matches a person’s teeth. Also a very durable material, it will last for years before needing to be replaced. A porcelain crown can be made to match the size, shape, and color of a patients tooth, giving them a beautiful smile.

The Advantages of Dental Crowns

Yardley Dental Arts has an experienced dental crowns dentist who can perform this procedure, leaving you with a winning smile.

How Dental Crowns are Installed

A dental crowns dentist like Yardley Dental Arts will first prepare the tooth. This includes removing a piece of the enamel to make room for the crown and thoroughly cleaning the tooth. A temporary crown will be secured using removable glue. It will only be worn for a couple of weeks while the permanent crown is created. While the temporary crown is in place you will have to be very careful what you eat and how you brush your teeth.
When the permanent crown is ready you simply return to our dental office, and we will remove the temporary crown, replacing it with a permanent one.

Dental crowns, and many of our other dental restorative procedures, are a painless and effective way to restore the winning smile you’ve been waiting for. If you’re worried about wearing dentures or having implants, then dental crowns are a fantastic alternative. To learn whether this procedure is the right one for you, call (215) 504-2400 to schedule an appointment.

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Your Compassionate Dentist in Yardley Serving Newtown, Langhorne, Princeton & Surrounding

"My mission is to always provide extraordinary dental care in a compassionate setting. At Yardley Dental Arts, quality is key! We are NOT a high volume, high turnover office. We are patient centric office. Our practice model allows for concierge service and exclusive one on one time with the doctor and the hygienists. We pride ourselves on using premier materials, labs and the latest in dental technology including our GREEN CT 3D SCANNER, delivering high quality images at a fraction of the radiation as compared to the standard. This allows for fully customized treatment plans focusing on your specific needs and comfort level.

It’s a pleasure to serve you and your family for your comprehensive dental needs. Every one of us is passionate about what we do, and it shows! I look forward to meeting you."

Dr. Purvi Patel
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Dentist in Newtown Serving Yardley, Langhorne, Princeton & Surrounding

At Dr. Patel’s office, you will experience a new approach to dentistry as we continue to aspire and drive forward to be the best place for dental care: A concierge dental practice with a patient centric philosophy.

At our office we offer everything from cosmetic dentistry to sleep apnea treatment using the latest dental technology because we believe by constantly training our staff, continuing our education and adopting the latest dental technology it will lead to an extraordinary dental experience.

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