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Restorative Dentistry Overview

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Dental fitness is critical to an individual’s overall well-being and, quite possibly, their ultimate longevity. However, any number of issues could impact one’s oral health and precipitate problems like tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, and lost teeth.

Fortunately, when such maladies arise, the application of restorative dentistry might reduce or abate the symptoms associated with such conditions. Yardley Dental Arts, which employs local dentists serving Langhorne, invites our existing and would-be patients to read the following brief overview of restorative dentistry.


Our team of local dentists serving Langhorne defines restorative dentistry as the practice of replacing or remediating broken or missing teeth. Such initiatives restore our patient’s smiles and oral aesthetic capacity, in addition to their ability to chew and speak properly.


There are several restorative procedures oral care providers can employ. Such endeavors are typically differentiated into two categories, direct and indirect.

Direct Restoration

Direct undertakings involve the application of some type of filler substance directly into a damaged tooth. For example, fillings comprised of various substances that might be inserted inside a cavity to strengthen said oral component’s structural integrity and prevent further deterioration or eventual loss.

Other direct interventions include root canals. During these procedures, dental professionals remove a damaged or diseased portion of a tooth, cleanse the impacted region, and fill the lingering gap.

Indirect Restoration

Indirect efforts necessitate the creation and insertion of customized materials designed to replace a missing tooth or majorly deteriorated parts of others. Such dental hardware includes crowns, inlays, and onlays. These endeavors often require several dental visits because said items must be constructed specifically to fit the shape and contour of a specific patient’s mouth.

Difference Between Restorative And Cosmetic Dentistry

Some of our patients inquire about the difference between restorative and cosmetic dentistry. While both facets of oral care are designed to improve the aesthetic quality and vitality of a patient’s teeth and associated oral components, restorative dentistry is performed with greater urgency.

Cosmetic procedures are typically executed merely to improve the appearance of one’s teeth. Restorative undertakings are geared towards correcting or eliminating potentially significant maladies causing patients pain, inhibiting their ability to speak or eat, or increasing their risk of developing more serious concerns.

Contacting Us

Pennsylvania residents with missing or damaged teeth who are seeking a local dentist serving Langhorne, the rest of Bucks County, and surrounding areas are strongly encouraged to contact us. Our team of experienced professionals can execute a complete evaluation and determine the most appropriate restorative practice to employ. Further information about our practice and the services we provide can be accessed by visiting www.yardleydentalarts.com.


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