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What Does My Dental Insurance Policy Cover?

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Dental insurance helps to cover the costs of oral healthcare. But not all dental insurance plans are created equal. Different dental insurance plans have different coverage options. Your specific dental plan largely determines the terms of your dental insurance coverage. Details of your coverage may be spelled out in the contract you signed when you first purchased your insurance. You should check this contract with the help of your dentist in Yardley to see which policy covers your dental services.

What are the types of dental plans?

To understand what is covered by your dental insurance, it is essential to understand the different types of dental plans. There are different plans based on whether they are indemnity plans or managed care plans. They also differ in terms of if they require a deductible or not.

An indemnity plan is a type of dental insurance in which you pay for all your dental services, including office visits, x-rays, and procedures. This type of plan is often referred to as an open-ended contract. An indemnity plan pays for a fixed dollar amount of dental services. If you don’t use enough dental benefits, the insurance company pays the difference out of its pocket. On the other hand, managed-care plans do not require an out-of-pocket payment. Enrollment in a managed care plan is voluntary, and you may go to any dentist who accepts the plan. A deductible must be met before the insurance company pays any dental benefits.

What does my policy cover? 

Your dental insurance policy may offer a stipulation covering certain services or items. You need to know about the dental plan you purchased, as you need to understand what is covered and what isn’t. If you are not sure about the terms of your coverage, make sure to ask your insurance agent or dentist in Yardley for complete details.

You must know if your dental insurance policy covers specific procedures so you can get them done without skipping out on paying for them later on. Dental examinations are usually covered by insurance. Your dental insurance policy should cover exams such as x-rays, both routine and panoramic X-rays, and diagnostics such as digital radiographs.

What procedures can I get?

Most dental insurance plans also cover dental implants. Implants involve replacing teeth that have been lost with artificial teeth. This procedure is covered by insurance, and you will not need to pay for it out of pocket. However, suppose your insurance policy covers the cost of your tooth extractions. In that case, your implants may be covered as well since they are considered a tooth extraction by many dental insurance companies.

Your dental insurance policy may also cover necessary restorative procedures such as cleanings, root canals, fillings, crowns, gum disease treatment, crown and bridgework, dentures, and orthodontia. The plan you purchased will tell you if it covers these items since some of these procedures require upfront payment before they are performed.

How many services does my policy cover?

It would be best to remember that your dental insurance policy will only cover a maximum amount of procedures. You may need to pay out-of-pocket for services exceeding the coverage amount. At your first visit with a new dentist, let the dentist know which dental insurance provider you have. The dentist can then check your plan’s coverage details and let you know if any additional payment is needed from you.

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Knowing what is covered by your dental insurance policy is quite significant. This ensures that you will not be surprised when getting procedures such as dental exams, root canals, and dental implants done at your dentist in Yardley. Contact Yardley Dental Arts today to schedule your appointment. 

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