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What to Do in a Dental Emergency

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Emergency Dentistry in Yardley

While a loose filling or a minor chipped tooth can usually wait until your dentist can schedule an appointment, there are other problems that qualify as a dental emergency. Whatever the issue, it is important to know when to seek emergency care. As an emergency dentist in Yardley, Pennsylvania, we understand patients can be apprehensive when experiencing dental discomfort and offer these tips on what to do in a dental emergency. 

Dental Injuries and Causes

Many dental issues are the result of trauma suffered during accidents or physical activities. Some examples include:

Additionally, severe tooth trauma often results in a tooth becoming abscessed down the road. Common everyday activities like eating and drinking can also result in damaged teeth.

Steps to Take in a Dental Emergency

Dislodged Tooth

1) Pick up the tooth by the top edges of the chewing surface. Do not touch the root as this can cause damage to the structure. 

2) Carefully rinse the tooth with only water. Do not scrub the tooth, use any type of soap or chemicals to clean the tooth. Do not dry the tooth as it must be kept moist. Do not wrap the tooth in a tissue or cloth.

3) Holding the tooth by the crown, try to place the tooth back in the socket as gently as possible as this is the environment that will provide the tooth with the best chance of survival. Gently close your mouth and hold the tooth in place by biting down gently. 

4) If the tooth cannot be put back in the socket, place the tooth in a glass of milk or in your mouth between your cheek and gum. Pack the empty socket with cotton or a tea bag. Never soak the tooth in regular tap water as the chlorine will kill root cells if left in contact for prolonged periods. There are also over-the-counter emergency tooth-preservation kits available.

5) Ideally, see a dentist within 30 minutes of the injury. 

Broken Tooth

1) Recover and rinse off the pieces, if possible. 

2) Wrap the pieces in a clean damp cloth.

Loose Crown

1) Recover and rinse off the crown.

2) Gently place the crown back over the tooth and bite down to hold it in place. If you cannot see a dentist immediately, there are over-the-counter crown cements that will work for a temporary repair.

Contact Us for Your Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies can happen instantly and the most important thing to do during a dental emergency is to contact a dentist as time can be of the essence. As an emergency dentist in Yardley, Pennsylvania, at Yardley Dental Arts we make quality patient care our priority and provide general, cosmetic as well as emergency dentistry for patients of all ages. If you need an emergency dentist in Yardley, contact us without delay so we can have the best chance of saving your teeth and your smile.

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