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It’s important that children understand the value of good oral care and visiting the dentist from a young age. Yardley Dental Arts believes in preventative care. As soon as your child’s teeth start to show, you should encourage them to brush twice a day, as well as, visit an experienced kid-friendly dentist for their regular checkups. As advised by the American Dental Association,  your child needs to have their first dental visit no later than their first birthday or when you see their first baby tooth. We encourage all parents to make oral care a fun and learning experience for their young ones so that they look forward to visiting a dentist. Our pediatric dentist, Dr. Patel, makes sure your kids are welcome and feel at ease as soon as they walk through our door. At Yardley Dental Arts, we believe visiting the dentist should be a pleasurable experience for your children.

Why is Pediatric Dentistry Important?

Pediatric dentistry is important because it helps you maintain the health of your child’s tooth/teeth and gum health. This is also why it is important to have dental check up for kids. As you educate your children and take them to a pediatric dentist near Yardley, they, too, will start to build an awareness around the importance of oral health. According to America’s Pediatric Dentists, your child should see their dentist at least every six months. 

A pediatric dentist should have an exhaustive experience in professional dental care for children. Our oral health care pediatric dentist can be your child’s favorite place to be, as this will allow your child to have a one-stop dentist they can trust right from childhood and all the way through adolescence. 

What Happens if You Don’t Fix Cavities in Baby Teeth?child eats candy and has cavities

Cavities, also called tooth decay, are a combination of food and bacteria that have been built up on the tooth, creating tiny holes. Leaving your child’s dental visits for too long can result in long term negative effects and serious consequences. One of the most common chronic diseases among U.S. children is tooth decay. Other kinds are plaque buildup caused by bacteria, tooth loss, gum disease, bad breath, and tooth stains, being the worst case scenario. 

children scared of dentist

My Child is Terrified of the Dentist: Prepare Your Child for their First Dental Visit

Before you take your child for their first visit, it would be helpful for you to explain what is going to happen and keep a positive attitude to the occasion. It is completely understandable and common when your child is terrified of the dentist, but turning it into a fun experience and rewarding your child for their willingness to go is a great way to instill enthusiasm for a pediatric visit. Dr. Patel is your child’s pediatric dentist at Yardley Dental Arts and she is able to gently examine your child’s teeth and jaw to make sure they are developing correctly. Checking for cavities, mouth injuries, and any other issues is her number one priority.

Leading up to your child’s dental appointment, try playing games where you pretend to be the dentist so that your chid can practice opening their mouth on their dental appointment. We believe in encouraging good dental habits from an early age and do everything we can to make visits fun and pleasant. 

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Taking Your Child to The Dentist During COVID-19

Yardley Dental Arts provides a child-friendly dental service in Yardley that will make you and your child feel at ease. More importantly, we want you to bring your child into a safe environment in respect to the times we are in right now. Due to COVID-19, we require all our staff to put on a surgical mask, as well as all patients visiting. We also practice social distancing within our practice and ensure that all our patients are doing the same, so that you and your child can feel safe and welcome in our practice. Read more on our COVID-19 update here. If you want to know how our Yardley pediatric dentist can help you and your children form good oral habits, schedule an appointment with us today!


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"My mission is to always provide extraordinary dental care in a compassionate setting. At Yardley Dental Arts, quality is key! We are NOT a high volume, high turnover office. We are patient centric office. Our practice model allows for concierge service and exclusive one on one time with the doctor and the hygienists. We pride ourselves on using premier materials, labs and the latest in dental technology including our GREEN CT 3D SCANNER, delivering high quality images at a fraction of the radiation as compared to the standard. This allows for fully customized treatment plans focusing on your specific needs and comfort level.

It’s a pleasure to serve you and your family for your comprehensive dental needs. Every one of us is passionate about what we do, and it shows! I look forward to meeting you."

Dr. Purvi Patel
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At Dr. Patel’s office, you will experience a new approach to dentistry as we continue to aspire and drive forward to be the best place for dental care: A concierge dental practice with a patient centric philosophy.

At our office we offer everything from cosmetic dentistry to sleep apnea treatment using the latest dental technology because we believe by constantly training our staff, continuing our education and adopting the latest dental technology it will lead to an extraordinary dental experience.

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