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Ever looked into the mirror and noticed dark stains on your teeth? There is nothing that makes one more self conscious self-cautious than a tainted smile. Lack of clear or natural white tooth coloring can negatively affect a bright smile. Substances such as coffee, wine, tobacco, and tea are some of the most obvious culprits. However, certain medications such as tetracycline, pasta sauce, rare steak, and ripe berries have the same damaging effect. It is almost inevitable to endure countless foods and drinks that will stain your teeth, but you can learn about what substances contribute to teeth stain and how you can avoid them.

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On the flip side, as you age, the dullness in your teeth is bound to show, but if you have taken great care of your teeth your entire life, you can still enjoy a bright smile, even in your older stages of life! Regular brushing, especially after eating or drinking, can reduce the stains, but is unlikely to remove them completely. Our Levittown teeth whitening dentist can help you achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of. 

For those of you who live in Levittown and surrounding areas, there is a quick and painless way to remove those unwanted stains. We use low dose radiation technology to provide you with teeth whitening services that can brighten your smile in a number of different ways.

before and after teeth whitening procedureProfessional Whitening Treatment Options in Levittown

A professional whitening treatment option in Levittown offering various options on how you can achieve your best smile is what we advise every patient to look out for. Dr. Patel is your teeth whitening expert here at Yardley Dental Arts. We offer three different procedures, but before picking the best whitening treatment for you, we consider the current shade of your teeth versus how brighter you want your teeth to look like. 

In-office whitening treatment is a quick procedure to whiten your teeth by an average of 8 to 9 shades within about an hour, more or less. Dr. Patel’s in-office whitening protocol is to have a look at your gums and teeth in order to assure your gums are in a healthy state to handle teeth bleaching. You always want to find out if you might be experiencing any symptoms of gum diseases before deciding to get your teeth whitened. 

Part of our in-office protocol is to make sure your lips and gums are isolated from having close proximity to your teeth prior to the whitening gel application, which consists of a pH balance hydrogen peroxide as the bleaching agent. We are careful to make sure your lips and gums are void of the whitening gel in order to avoid any complications. Our in-office whitening gel corrects the stains on your teeth by latching onto stained molecules on the teeth and destroying them. Once the ideal shade has been reached, your teeth are rinsed and fluoride is applied to help relieve you of any tooth sensitivity, a common side effect of the in-office whitening treatment. 

Take-home whitening orAt-Home teeth whitening kits is another whitening treatment we offer to patients if they prefer to take a do-it-yourself approach. In order to take on this whitening kit, Dr. Patel creates a dental impression for your teeth in order to make custom-fitted trays, which are dental cups to match your teeth and take about 14-16 days to complete. Once your whitening treatment kit is ready, your whitening process will start to take place.The self-application process is done for about an hour over a span of 14 days. Once your take-home whitening procedure is done, you can enjoy a bright smile again! 

A combination of both in-office and take-home whitening can be beneficial for you depending on how quickly you want to see results and depending on how stained your teeth are. This is something to discuss with a cosmetic dentist in Levittown. This is a great option for patients who are not in a hurry to see fast results. During this process, Dr.Patel communicates how long your procedure might take and what to expect during this process, as well as things to avoid that will leave a lasting stain on your teeth. Still not sure what treatment is right for you? Give us a call today or schedule an appointment and find out how you can get your smile back.

Is it Healthy To Get Your Teeth Whitened?happy lady doing teeth treatment in dental clinic

Getting your teeth whitened can be considered an unhealthy thing if you use over the counter whitening strips and whitening solutions. It is always a better option to contact a dentist specializing in teeth whitening in Levittown to find out what method works best for you. In order to choose a healthy method of whitening your teeth, it is important to also consider age (i.e.is it a child, teen, or an adult getting the treatment?), your dental history, and what the cost would be like for you. Outside of the teeth discoloration component of teeth whitening, Dr. Patel communicates other factors that will contribute to a healthy teeth whitening treatment. Depending on how discolored your teeth is, whether you are getting an in-office whitening treatment or an At-Home whitening kit, your process may take a longer time than you expect, however, the in-office treatment will always take less time to bring you the best result for a beautiful smile.

The Benefits of Teeth Whitening at Yardley Dental Arts

Making an appointment with the teeth whitening dentist at Yardley Dental Arts is a far safer and more effective option than trying to whiten your teeth yourself at home. Toothpaste designed to whiten your teeth will have an effect over time, but nowhere near as good as our teeth whitening service.

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"My mission is to always provide extraordinary dental care in a compassionate setting. At Yardley Dental Arts, quality is key! We are NOT a high volume, high turnover office. We are patient centric office. Our practice model allows for concierge service and exclusive one on one time with the doctor and the hygienists. We pride ourselves on using premier materials, labs and the latest in dental technology including our GREEN CT 3D SCANNER, delivering high quality images at a fraction of the radiation as compared to the standard. This allows for fully customized treatment plans focusing on your specific needs and comfort level.

It’s a pleasure to serve you and your family for your comprehensive dental needs. Every one of us is passionate about what we do, and it shows! I look forward to meeting you."

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